Celebrate HeartShare’s Bike Team at Raise New York!

Hi Everyone,

Just a reminder that tomorrow at Raise New York, we are hosting an event to celebrate our Bike Team riding in the TD Five Boro Bike Tour. Wish our team luck and enjoy a fun evening with friends and colleagues! If you are interested in attending please let me know.

Thank you!


Tuition Assistance Application Brochure 2018-2019

Dear Colleagues,

The Tuition Assistance Application for the September 2018-August 2019 academic year is attached to this email.  If you supervise a program whose employees do not have email, I ask that you print this information and provide it directly to your staff.  Annette Pettit and I will also be mailing some copies out to each program.  Additionally, the application may be found on the HeartShare website or by clicking the following link:  https://www.heartshare.org/tap/

Please note that the deadline to submit an application is June 22, 2018.  Late applications will be accepted on a discretionary basis.

For all questions please contact me at the contact information provided below or Annette Pettit at (718) 422-4204.



How You Can Participate | World Autism Awareness Day

April 2 is World Autism Awareness Day, and people are wearing the color blue to raise awareness for the developmental disorder.

World Autism Awareness Day is an internationally recognized event when the United Nations reaffirms its “commitment to promote the full participation of all people with autism, and ensure they have the necessary support to be able to exercise their rights and fundamental freedoms.”

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) affects about 1% of the world’s population, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This year’s World Autism Awareness Day is focused on supporting women and girls who have been diagnosed with the condition.

April is also Autism Awareness Month.

More than 3.5 million Americans fall somewhere on the autism spectrum, according to the Autism Society of America; about 1 in 68 children in the U.S. are identified as having ASD, according to the CDC.

Raise Awareness

 Thanks to @heartshare, children w. #autism receive the #education they need for a brighter future. https://bit.ly/2EemWn9 #LightItUpBlue

Thanks to @heartshare, children & adults w. #autism reach their potential. https://bit.ly/2GLYXkB #LightItUpBlue

Thanks to @heartshare, adults w. #autism access jobs they’ve always wanted. https://bit.ly/2H6yP1u #AI360 #LightItUpBlue

Share Content

 E-mail us any autism-related videos or news stories this month. We’ll share on HeartShare’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Support Our Events

Fri, April 13, 2018         The HeartShare School’s 11th Birthday Party

                                            Show your school spirit wearing orange & blue.

 Fri, April 20, 2018         The HeartShare School Human Crayon Box Day

                                             Wear your favorite Crayola color.

 Wed, April 25, 2018      Autism Awareness Fundraiser at Raise Bar

                                             Grab yourself a HeartShare cocktail.

 Sun, May 6, 2018          TD Bank Five Boro Bike Tour

                                            Support our team today!

 Thurs, May 31, 2018     Education Services Dinner Dance

                                           Honoring Melinda Katz and Eric Ulrich

Sun, June 10, 2018       Harbor Fitness Race for Autism

                                           Supporting children in our education programs


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