Dear Colleague,

With this intranet site, I hope to create a digital community for our over 2,100 employees.

As you probably already know, HeartShare and its Family of Services is composed of HeartShare Human Serviceshelping children and adults with disabilities reach greater independence, The HeartShare School, providing quality education and therapies to children with autism, HeartShare Wellness, coordinating care for vulnerable patients, and HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services (HSVS), helping children, youth and families in crisis heal and thrive.

With all these areas of expertise, we are not only an incredibly diverse team, but also a team that is geographically widespread across nearly 100 program sites in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. The reach of our programs continue to rapidly expand beyond New York City.

Our energy assistance grants are administered to low-income families in 60 of the 62 New York counties. Our involvement as a valued partner with Care Design NY, an innovative managed care program model, we are impacting lives from the tip of Montauk to the quiet towns of North Country. There’s no stopping us!

This makes communications for HeartShare and its Family of Services more important than ever. Like most non-profit teams, we work very hard and sometimes, it’s difficult for so many moving parts to remain on the same page. That’s what this intranet is for. For those already inundated with e-mails, and on-the-go in the field, I hope this becomes a valuable resource and home base for you.

If you have a news update, impact story or any other information you would like to share on this site, please do not hesitate to contact me at 718-422-3208 or jennifer.reres@heartshare.org.

Also, if you would like to join the agency’s Communications Committee and assist in the maintenance of this site, please let me know.

Thank you to this year’s Management Training Program cohort and my MTP team for inspiring me to implement this idea, and for further reinforcing my belief that with frequent and transparent communication, anything is possible.

With gratitude,

Jennifer Reres
VP of Communications


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